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Agentia de Detectivi Particulari GC Arges

The Agency of Private Investigations Detectives G&C offers with professionalism and maximum confidentiality special services in criminal, civil and trade (commercial) cases:

  • Investigations for the identification of witnesses or material evidence, in order to decree upon the culpability or not culpability of the authors or in any other cases when material reparations are claimed;

  • Pre and post marital investigations;

  • To watch the partner suspected of unfaithfulness and to furnish (supply) evidence;

  • To disclose any sexual deviations;

  • To identify any bad habits, or hidden diseases which can cancel the marriage;

  • To identify any secret income in order to settle the size of life annuity or the right share in case of divorce;

  • To identify any belongings which are the subject of any civil or criminal cases and which become estranged from somebody in a trial;

  • To get documents which can certify the relationship with other persons, the rights and duties to participate in inheritance;

  • To set up the genealogical tree;

  • To identify the successors in inheritance cases;

  • Graphaology and touch investigations;

  • To identify the heredity of children in order to be adopted;

  • The wealth state of the persons who claim to adopt or take care of children;

  • To identify any addresses where children are hidden from committing;

  • To settle the way the alimony is accomplished;

  • Drug consumption investigations and the protection of young people;

  • To identify the real addresses of the firms which don't declare their new social headquarters or work points;

  • To protect the interest of the insurance companies against the fraudulent requests or unjustified material reparations from the insured persons;

  • Investigations to estabilish the honesty and the financial situation of the prospective business partner or his company;

  • Unloyal competition;

  • To investigate any persons who elude themselves from the foreclosure by a fictions declaration of the address or about new bank accounts and the alienation of the belonging from the social capital;

  • To verify the employees on remitlance, unfaithfulness or double activity;

  • To assure the protection against leaking of information of passing of goods from economical agents;

  • To get any evidence which can be used in court;

Detectivi Particulari Arges

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